Guy the Leader Dog in Training

This is Guy! He is a 6 month old lab who is in training to be a Leader Dog for the Blind. Guy and I have been working together for the last couple months while he is at daycare. He is a part of the Play & Train program which gives dogs the opportunity to play at Pampered Pooch Playground and also learn a few new things!

Guy’s current family has taken on the responsibility of raising him for this organization. They have put a lot of time into training, socialization, and helping make this puppy a dog who can help someone in need. Guy participated in my Level I training class at Pampered Pooch Playground and has come a long way in just a couple months. Guy can now do all basic behaviors reliably and is quickly becoming a pro at doing his job while out and about in public places! Our most recent challenge is sitting politely for greetings. This is quite a feat for any 6 month old puppy, but especially this exuberant lab. He is making progress and will soon be a model dog.

Guy will be headed back to Leader Dogs for the Blind headquarters in Michigan in about six months to see if he makes the cut to become a Leader Dog. He will go through more training and temperament testing when he returns. If he meets their requirements they will place him with a person who needs him. If they find that he is not fit for the job, his current family can choose to adopt him or he will find another home. While I have high hopes that this little man will make the cut, I sure will miss him if he does, but knowing that he is helping someone means a lot! Sometimes when we are out on our training sessions and I see him walking proud, I can picture him in his job as Guy the Leader Dog.


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