Olie – Board & Train

This month Olie (pronounced like Ole of Ole and Lena) participated in the Board & Train Program at Pampered Pooch Playground. He is a very handsome Alaskan Malamute that at only 9 months old, already weighs close to 100lbs. Olie’s owners headed out of town for a couple weeks, and Olie got to play at Pampered Pooch Playground and do training with me each day.

Malamutes tend to be considered somewhat difficult to train, but also bond closely and are very loyal to their owners, so with a good relationship and proper leadership they can easily become a well mannered companion. After a few days of training, I could tell that Olie was finally starting to form a bond with me and started becoming much more motivated to work for me. By the end of the two weeks, he was happy to perform for me and consistenly doing the behaviors.

Olie learned how to walk nicely on leash on a flat collar, sit & stay, down & stay, come when called, leave it, and wait at doorways. More importantly I taught his family how to continue Olie’s training, be consistent, and to be a good leader for this somewhat independent natured breed. His family has reported that since Olie has come home, he has been doing very well and their other dog is actually getting better as well because she wants to join in on the training they are continuing with Olie.

Photo by Sarah Beth Photography


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