Great Kong Stuffers

The Kong company makes some cool and rugged toys for dogs (and other pets). Stuffable toys are great for keeping your dog busy when you are busy or just for some simple entertainment for your dog. The Kong company sells treats made to be stuffed in the toys, but there are plenty of things you can use from home. Keep in mind that any change to your dogs diet can cause a stomach upset. Introduce new foods slowly by mixing it with their regular diet. Try one at a time to find the foods that suit your individual dog. For a summer treat and to make it last longer, put the filled kong in the freezer. If your dog is sensitive to new foods simply use their dog kibble and put enough wet food in to fill the opening and freeze. Place in the dishwasher after each use.


Try the following items in your dogs Kong:

Dry and/or canned dog food
Cooked Rice
Cooked Noodles
Apples, Bananas, Oranges
Frozen Fruit Juice
Canned or Fresh Green Beans, Carrots
Peanut Butter
Plain Yogurt
Mashed Potatoes
Canned Soup
Ice Water
Doggy Toothpaste
Hot Dogs
Baby Food

Training Tips:

*Send your dog to their “place” or “bed” and give them a frozen kong when you are sitting down to dinner or while cooking in order to keep them busy and out of your hair.
*When sending your dog to their crate, give them their kong stuffed with something yummy. This will make the idea of you leaving them a little less traumatic.
*If your dog tends to eat their food too quickly, put their kibble in a Kong with a little peanut butter.
*For a little fun, hang a filled Kong on a rope just out of reach of your playful pup.

*Hide the stuffed Kong throughout the house and teach your dog to “find it.”


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