Early Socialization

Early socialization is extremely important in creating a well rounded adult dog. Puppy Classes are a great way to get your puppy started on the right paw. Not only do we get started with basic training, but we also allow the puppies to socialize with each other and with the other owners.

Ideally puppies should meet 100 different people of different ages, sizes and shapes, wearing different clothing including hats and boots and talking in different ways. They should also be able to meet just as many other dogs that are unique and different. It is important that each experience with this people and puppies is a positive one. After 16 weeks of age the socialization window slowly begins to close and your puppy starts to become less open to new things. While it is possible to socialize adult dogs, it is much more difficult, especially if the dog has had negative experiences (in their eyes, not yours).

In Puppy Class we also talk about problem solving puppy behaviors like nipping, chewing, jumping and house training This week I had a Puppy Class graduation and was able to snap some fun photos! Puppy Classes are taught at Pampered Pooch Playground in St. Louis Park!


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