Introducing… Ozzie!

Ozzie is the newest addition to our pack as my foster dog. He is a black tri Miniature Australian Shepherd. He is coming from a home where he had some fear issues with strangers and one of the adults in the home. So far, what I have seen from him in my home is much better than what I saw in his previous home. He takes a while to warm up to new people, especially men, but when the humans do things “correctly” for him, he is in their lap looking for love in no time.

Ozzie will be staying with me long enough to do some training to overcome some of his fears and become more social as well as some basic obedience. He quickly learned how to sit, down and stay and seemed to already know “high five.” He has also now knows to sit & wait for his food with the rest of the pack until they are released to eat and is starting to understand that the game of fetch does not involve keep away, but rather retrieving and dropping to receive another throw. He sure seems to enjoy this new way of playing! More updates to come on this handsome fellow!

If you are considering fostering or adopting a new dog, take a look at my post on Introducing a Second Dog or Foster before you make a decision.


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