Sadie the Newfie Puppy in Training

Over the past two weeks I have been doing training with Sadie through the Play & Train Program. Sadie is a Newfoundland that is only 6 months and weighs right around 90lbs! This breed was originally bred for pulling in fishermans nets, and doing other jobs in the icy waters of Newfoundland, but now make a great even tempered and easy going companion dog. 

Sadie has been a joy to work with and is quite smart. She has such a sweet demeanor and a real love for belly rubs! She is easily distracted, as with any puppy but very willing to work and has learned to focus on her handler and follow instructions. We have been working on leash walking, stays, leave it, coming when called, go to your bed, wait at doorways & for food, polite greetings and more. She picked up everything quickly and is always ready to work and play!


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