Meet Linus!

Linus is a 10 month old English Creme Golden Retriever who just graduated from the Basic Manners Day Training Program. He is as sweet as can be and oh so huggable and loveable!

The English variation of the Golden Retriever is often known to be a bit calmer and more submissive in temperament and have a more square build. Linus definately fits that description, in fact when I left after our final training session he was sleeping outside in the snow, but in typical Golden Retriever fashion made sure to get up to see me off.

Linus spent 4 weeks in training with me for skills like sit, down, stay, walking on leash, coming when called, and behaving appropriately while his familycooks & eats their meals. Day training programs involve me doing a majority of the training, then transfering the behavior over to you. Each program includes weekly or bi weekly transfer sessions to keep you involved in training too.

Day Training programs are great for basic training as well as behavioral issues such as leash reactivity, fearful behaviors & other complex behaviors. For more information click here or shoot me an email at


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