Newsie & New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue

Not long ago I was contacted to help train a rescued Australian Shepherd puppy who is both deaf and blind. This adorable puppies name is Newsie and he is a result of the poor breeding practice of breeding a Merle dog to another merle dog. When training a dog with these limitations, touch training works best. We train the dog that certain touches mean certain things using treats as lures to help the dog figure out what we are asking. Newsie picked up on things very quickly and is just as bright, loving and fun as a seeing and hearing dog.

Just this last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a “lethal white” playgroup/adoption event with New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue who I now volunteer with. Most of the dogs in the video below are a result of merle to merle breeding and most have hearing and/or vision impairment. Newsie is the bigger white puppy with a brown and merle patch on his butt! He is such a sweet and playful boy.


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