4th of July Celebrations

The 4th of July can be a scary time for many dogs. Fear of loud & sudden noises is very common among dogs. There are a few things you can do to protect your dog during this time of the summer:

1. DO NOT bring your dog or puppy to fireworks displays! It is far too loud for their sensitive ears.

2. Leave your dog at home with a radio or TV on to help drown out some of the loud noises.

3. If you have a noise sensitive dog be sure to keep them contained by a tall fence or a leash. Loud noise can trigger a dog who normally doesn’t run off to spook & run away. A fearful dog running away will not be looking where it is going, will be in a daze & is  not just hard to catch but more prone to getting hit by a car.

4. An anxiety wrap such as the Thundershirt can make a big difference in helping a dog remain calm in fearful situations. You may also try natural calming remedies that often contain Lavender, Valerian Root & more to help calm your dog. If natural remedies don’t do the trick, consult your vet who may give your pet a prescription drug that may be used either on a daily basis or just during stressful times.

5. If you are still struggling with noise phobias after trying natural remedies, contact a trainer who can help you with a desensitization & counter conditioning training program.


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