Update: Ozzie – My Foster Dog

Well, Ozzie has been with me now for about 9 months and finally has a potential family lined up.  Ozzie has come a long way in 9 months. When I first picked him up I was told he was very fearful and somewhat reactive towards strangers and had very little training (sit & shake). When I brought him home I discovered that he knew nothing about rules, boundaries or personal space. Would run if given the chance and didn’t come when called. He was very fearful of men in particular & reactive too when they came to his home. He also attached himself like glue to me because he had very little self confidence.

Today, Ozzie is still quite attached, but his confidence has sky rocketed. He understands that there are rules he must follow and respects them. He has learned that personal space is not for invading, and that he must sit to get the affection he so desperately craves. When guests arrive he is asked to go to his bed and stay there while they enter so he can just observe them initially. Immediate contact makes him uncomfortable, but he is conflicted because he still wants to investigate, so we make that choice for him and save close up interactions for when he is feeling more relaxed and comfortable.

Aside from his remedial socialization with people, he has also learned the commands sit, down, stay, wait, come, go to bed, touch, shake, high five, roll over, off, out, go lay down, stay here, and some basic agility obstacle training. He sits and waits outside of the kitchen for his meals and is asked to sit and wait before exiting the house to the back yard. He doesn’t wander off anymore and comes when called because he knows that means he gets lots of that attention he craves! I am hopeful that his potential new home will be a good fit for him and that they might even continue with his agility training!


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