There is something about each dog I work with…

I find myself getting attached to each dog I work with for very different reasons. Day Training in particular allows me time to bond with the dogs & learn so much more about them. Every dog is certainly an individual and with each one there is something I really like, even when they are really naughty! Below are three of my most recent Day Training dogs. 🙂

Olive – A terrier mix puppy with the cutest ears that is just so sweet you can’t help but love her. She is much more cuddly than your average terrier mix and even though she initially struggled a lot with attention outside, once she figured out what I wanted, she was more than happy to comply, sometimes even when there is a bird or squirrell around!

Max – I have a total soft spot for Labs. I grew up with a very large, goofy, happy go lucky guy who you couldn’t help but love. Max is much the same. Max is  just so happy all the time and always looking for a fun time. We could learn a lot about how to be happy just by watching a Labrador Retiever! This can also make communicating with these dogs challenging because they don’t really care if they are reprimanded, they are just happy you are paying attention to them! Negative attention is still attention! For this reason, pushing them down if they jump up and saying “no” or “off” really doesn’t do the trick. Because they are so social, turning away quickly and completely ignoring them or leaving the room and closing a door behind you sends a stronger message.

Millie – Now this girl is a great example of a dog wired to work placed in a home where there really isn’t a job to do (like most dogs these days), other than running around the yard like a maniac squealing because she knows there may have been a squirrell around! Millie is in training because she is reactive towards cars, fire hydrants, small flags in the ground, vacuums, mops, brooms and of course has a lot of drive for small animals. Managing a dog with a strong work ethic can be difficult, but with some good outlets for energy and drive along with some solid obedience training, they can also make great dogs! What I love about Millie is of course how adorable she is, but also that she continues to remind me that dogs are still animals that were bred for a specific purpose and still require an outlet for the drives they have.


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