San Diego Zoo & Safari Park + Sea World San Diego

I was recently in San Diego for vacation and had the opportunity to visit three very cool animal places and see large (& small) animal trainers at work.

San Diego Zoo – While at the Zoo, I got to see many cool animals, but my favorite part was when I ran into the animal trainers walking an Arctic Wolf around the park. It seemed as though they were doing an enrichment exercise. They had hidden a loofa dog (stuffed toy) along their route and he was searching for it.

San Diego Safari Park – While at the Safari Park, I ran into trainers walking a young cheetah. They did a short presentation answering questions & you could watch them doing clicker training with raw hamburger as a reward. I was within less than 5 feet of this Cheetah! So cool! You can even hear him purring in the video!

Sea World San Diego – I can only imagine what it takes to train a whale! They had shows with Orca Whales, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Dogs, Cats, Birds and more! Check out the videos & photos!

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