Success Outside of the Classroom

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a dog that does absolutely fantastic in class, but the moment they go to leave, the dog is pulling the owner out the door and trying to greet everyone on the way out. So why is this happening?

Mostly it has to do with not training in that particular environment. Dogs don’t generalize well. The dog learns that it is rewarded for working and walking well in class, but walking out of class to the car is a whole different deal. If instead the owner practiced the same training all the way to the car, the dog would also learn to behave walking out of school (and in any other situation you train in). Another observation is that many people don’t make use of the commands their dog knows, such as stay. Stay can be used while you put your things in the front seat, talk on the phone, and even when you answer your front door if you practice enough.

Think of ways that you can make use of the commands your dog already knows to make your daily life with your dog easier!


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