Bad Blogger, Good News!

I have been a terrible blogger over the last 6 months! I have however been busy! Busy searching for the perfect property to expand my business. I now finally have a purchase agreement and closing date of May 10th! Yahooooo!GetMedia11

I wanted to let you in on some of the details and will continue to update my blog as things progress. The property I purchased will be my home and it has a large building on the property (pictured to right) to do all of my doggy stuff! It is located in East Bethel on a 5 acre property surrounded by wetlands. Beautiful, I could not be more exicted! What makes it even better is the building on the property will allow me to start a small Board & Train program. At this point in time, none of my current services will be changing and I will still be servicing the south/west metro for all in-home training, boot camp, and group classes!

I still need to go through all planning with the city, so hopefully all goes well in that department! I will keep you updated on the progress of these changes.


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