East Bethel Update

Well, things are slowly but surely moving forward here in East Bethel. I have now moved in, but we have many projects in the house to finish before I can focus my attention on the “dog building.” The good news is however that on Tuesday, the Planning Commission with the City of East Bethel approved my request for an Interim Use Permit to run my home based business! In the middle of June we will have the City Council meeting and if all goes well there, construction will begin soon after!

The dogs are thoroughly enjoying the property here, well they were until we put up the temporary fence this weekend :). Sage and Ryder see no need to go very far and really don’t need the fence (we have 5 acres), but Mr. Apollo, my foster dog is not quite as trustworthy in the staying in the yard department. Before the fence, he had to be on a tie out when not thoroughly supervised, so I’m sure he is happier. The ticks have been a bit heavy for my liking, despite the dogs being on both a spot on treatment and a natural spray remedy. I’m hoping once we get the yard all fixed up and fenced, that will be less of a problem.

Here are a few photos, the first of the dogs practicing their Down Stays on the first day we arrived. The other photos of them playing today. You can see it’s much greener now and we have our temporary fence up.ImageImageImage


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