Removing the Lookout Post

Does your dog bark at anything it sees out the window? A barking dog can drive you barking mad when the behavior becomes excessive. It’s one thing for your do100_2611g to let out a couple quick barks when someone arrives to your home, but it’s another thing when your dog stares out the window waiting for a leaf to fall, dog to walk by or neighbor to come home. If your dog barks excessively at things it sees outside, try removing the lookout post.

A lookout post is any spot in your home where your dog gets to watch out the window. This can be complicated when you have a lot of windows, love natural light or have particularly low to the ground windows.

Benefits of Removing the Lookout Post

  • A quieter home! While removing the lookout post may not stop barking entirely, it will reduce it.
  • Reducing stress! Both for you and your canine. Constantly monitoring out the window for something to bark at can be very stressful for a fearful/reactive dog. Reducing the stress here can help make a behavior modification plan more successful.
  • A better relationship with your dog! Since you no longer have to get upset with your dog for barking like crazy, you can begin to enjoy your dog more and develop a great relationship which will also help with your behavior modification plan.
  • Reduce overall arousal. If you have a hyper active dog, removing the lookout post can reduce his overall hyper vigilance and hyper activity so he can spend his time in the house relaxing instead of being crazy.
  • No more cleaning nose marks & slobber off the window. No one wants more chores than necessary!

Tips on How to Remove the Lookout Post(s)

  • Close your shades – sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. The dog may know how to open them, or may destroy them.
  • Put up cardboard on the bottom portion of the window – It’s not pretty, but creating a visual barrier along the bottom of the window and allowing for natural light to stream in the top can be helpful. Wax paper can also be used.
  • Use a window decal or film designed for privacy – For a more decorative touch, use something along the bottom of the windows that is designed for that purpose.
  • Remove a favorite comfortable spot to lay that is near a window or make it inaccessible – If your dog lays on the back of the couch, teach him that it is no longer acceptable. Remove him each time he goes there, and encourage him to lay on a nice comfy dog bed on the floor.
  • Use landscaping to your advantage – Design landscaping to include bushes that cover the bottom portion of windows.




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