Life of a Lucky Paws Board & Train Dog

At Lucky Paws, we do Board & Train a little differently. It’s important to us that your dog is content and happy while staying with us, because a happy dog is much easier to train! Board & Train dogs here get to be a part of pretty much everything we do while here. When not training, they hang out with us while we watch tv, go for walks out in the woods with our pack, and sometimes even help with morning chicken duties. They essentially become part of our family while they are here.

Day in the life of Board & Train Dog

  • Good Morning! Wake up, go outside to potty and play for a short time.
  • Breakfast! Time to eat, then rest for 30 min or so.
  • Play! Get some of the crazies out before training time.
  • Time to learn! Dogs get individual training sessions, usually 30 min – 1 hour at a time.
  • Nap Time! Learning takes a lot of mental energy, and the pups are ready for a snooze.
  • Play! After a nap, another play session or walk in the woods.
  • Training time again! Splitting training into several sessions throughout the day keeps training fun.
  • Time to relax! The dogs hang with the pack and settle in for the evening.
  • Bedtime! The dogs snuggle in for a good nights sleep in a home environment.

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