Dogs & Kids

Today I am going to share with you some amazing free resources for learning about dogs and kids from some experts on the subject. Whether you are getting ready to prepare your dog for a new baby on the way or looking to create a more harmonious relationship between your dog and child, these resources will be a tremendous help.

DOG SAFETY – What To Teach Your Kids

The webinar below is all about what to teach your kids about dog safety. A few simple lessons now can save a lot of heartache later. Even if you have the most tolerant dog who puts up with anything from your child, it is important that your child know that he can not behave that way with just any dog (and probably shouldn’t with yours either). I’ve also included a link to a video made specifically for your kids!

dog safety


Building Dog-Child Bonds

This next webinar is all about building dog-child bonds. Not only is the dog mans best friend, but childs best friend too when the interactions are appropriate. This webinar will help you teach your kids how to create a great relationship with your dog.



Setting Dog & Baby Up For Success

Of course, it is also important to prepare your dog for a new baby too! Up until now, they have been your baby. Many changes take place when a baby comes home, but you can help ease the transition.