Heather has been training professionally since 2007 and started Lucky Paws in 2010. She is the owner and Lead Trainer at Lucky Paws and is a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College, which is an internationally recognized school that is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. She is an active member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers, she has taken the Dogtec Business Code of Ethics Pledge and is committed to continuing her education through seminars, training groups, and books from the world’s top trainers. She is a Minneapolis Animal Care & Control approved trainer and handles dog bite cases. She is experienced in handling dog to dog and dog to human aggression.

Heather enjoys doing agility, trick training, nosework, dock jumping and the sport of frisbee or “Disc” with her dog Ryder, a Miniature Australian Shepherd. If you get the chance to meet Ryder, ask to have him show off some of his tricks! He is a trainers dream dog as he is up for anything and everything Heather wants to try with him and always gives it his all. Sage, her black lab mix is a rescue dog who also enjoys agility and trick training, but mostly being a couch potato now in her older years. She often assists Heather in puppy socialization classes as she is great at teaching puppies appropriate social skills.

Heather also has a “reactive” dog of her own, Apollo, a 4 year old Rottweiler. Apollo was a “foster failure.” He came to her at around 2 years of age with reactivity toward people. He couldn’t even go on a walk without losing it when a person walked by across the street. Apollo can now attend outdoor sports games with hundreds of people around, settle calmly by her feet and enjoy petting from strangers! What a difference some behavior modification makes! Apollo is the resident play buddy for board & train dogs and is a cuddle monster!

Heather believes that positive reinforcement training methods are the best way to create a solid and trusting relationship with your dog, but also understands that dogs need rules and boundaries in order to be a balanced and happy companion. She decided to start Lucky Paws in order to help make all families with dogs, a little happier! Dogs thrive when they have basic training, consistency, and the opportunity to just be a dog. Questions? Contact Heather.

Click here for more information on the services Lucky Paws offers.


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